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Parents should hold good exercise form and intensity
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What the activity of rich and colorful can make people feels body and mind is cheerful, teach the child to attend physical training actively as a child, healthy to child skeleton, muscle, cutaneous growth and the form Chengdu of a variety of strong and handsome movements are very advantageous. Often undertake physical training, because improved the haemal circulation of human body, raised what the body pledges to nurture to absorb, can make skeleton grows more exuberantly, more benefit at the child grow.  

So, what athletic sports does children play to there is profit? The most advantageous exercising a project is horizontal bar, bounce, swim, rings, free gymnastics, play basketball and pull-up. Because leap can pull extensor flesh He Ren to take, have the effect that exciting cartilage grows; Swim can make get be extended adequately and taking exercise partly each all over; Pull-up is OK drawing is vertebral, the growth of stimulative vertebra, the body body length that promotes children thereby is mixed high development.  

But as a result of children body each organ, organization have not development is mature, having a lot of physiology characteristics that differ with adult, because this some motion project does not suit them,attend. These projects include:  

1, strength of the motion when tug-of-war tug-of-war match is great, antagonism is strong, need very great dormant power and durable power. The heart development of children is not perfect still, cardiac muscle is delicate, bear very hard to estimate the negative charge of property energetically so. Additional, tug-of-war causes wrist dislocate and parenchyma loss easily still.  

2, the height of long-distance running person basically depends on the growth of systemic bone cell, the long-distance race that enters big energy to use up moves, can make children nutrition is entered not apply goes out, bone cell grows speed is decelerated, cloggy and normal growth development.  

3, handstand although the intraocular pressure of cheeper adjusts the function is stronger, but if often undertake handstand or every time handstand time is too long, the adjustment that can damage eye cross-eye to press ability.  

4, each articulatory articulatory bursa compares limb of spanner wrist children flabby, consistence is poorer, spanner wrist is incidental sprain. Additional, as tug-of-war same, breathless it is the inevitable phenomenon when spanner wrist, such meetings make force of thorax internal pressure rises quickly, vein blood is afferent dirty circumfluence suffocate suffocate, a large number of blood that stop inside vein are met fiercely is irruptive atrium, had produced strong stimulation to heart wall.  

5, strong and handsome appliance takes exercise make children premature use strong and handsome appliance to load exercise muscle, the likelihood makes heart wall muscle is added prematurely thick and the addition that limits heart antrum volume, go against the normal growth of function of children heart lungs. Because be being used strong and handsome exercise appliance middling companion to have choke with resentment, choke with resentment can cause force of thorax internal pressure to rise quickly, can rise to be being pressed even, circumfluence of blood of vein of be a hindrance to, make the heart produces empty sex systole. After choking with resentment, a large number of blood that stop inside vein flow into a heart quickly, can make heart plentiful excessive again, had produced strong stimulation to the heart.  
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