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The child constant outdoors sport body is good
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Salangane of river of area of Shanghai loose river asks: My son 6 years old, it is a typical poppet, ferial li of a bit is not bored also, see starting a miniature reproduction of a painting come particularly dedicated, sitting is 3 two hours. Can be the body bad, have a fever with respect to the cold easily, take him to go to a hospital the examination is not checked again what to give implement the disease of qualitative sex, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

-- the lacks outdoors activity to bring about constitution that your child is a model is frail children. One the individual's health, the mainest show is him can rapid to the change of outside ambient, perfect ground suits, and in deciding this kind of element that gets used to ability, the skin has main effect, because there is countless to experience the nerve ending of ab extra stimulation in the skin, the constant change to outside ambient and stimulation can most produce reaction first, expression is the change of temperature adjustment. The function that children period temperature adjusts is not perfect still, if lack outdoors activity, the stimulation that waits for natural condition without solar, air will improve the function of temperature adjustment, the constitution can slant weak or very weak, encounter climate to change to suit hard a bit, of course the disease such as the cold is much.

Often outdoors has the children that exercises an activity, when be stimulated coldly, the scope that temperature drops is little, and resumptive rate is rapid, the body is accordingly strong, the four seasons falls ill rarely, although winter aspic became red hand face, also won't catch a cold catchs a cold. The proposal that improves your child constitution is: Often enter outdoors activity, make the child obtains enough oxygen and solar illuminate. Outdoor physical training and game, breathe an organ to increasing, enhance heart activity ability, and the function that improves airframe to organize an organ each, promote grow development, have very good effect.