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It what cheeper attends to exercise an activity is good that what cheeper attend
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Generally the parent, be like,did not hope child put oneself in another's position is strong ox, delicacy surpasses monkey. But they often exercise a project for child random choose and make the child's body and mind satisfies a person hard to wish. Actually, you fasten a child exercise a project to think too complexly profound, also fasten too embarrassed oneself and child. Make much time, the simple thing with a visible everywhere or toy, the place with an old hand makes with respect to enough all of child body and mind be good at. Do not believe, you hear the expert's opinion.
How to teach cheeper to exercise child physical training wants measurable

Cheeper has characteristic of his special physiology, psychology, they differ by each again the individual place composition of sexual distinction, different age, different healthy situation and different interest and hobby, so their body exercises the choice of the project to have general character, individualize again. Look from actual effect angle, answer to take individual character seriously more.

The purpose that the body exercises is the basis that chooses to exercise a project. The purpose that children body exercises is active body and mind, the metabolic function of stimulative airframe and rich inner world, achieve " strong bones and muscles, add feeling of knowledge, attune, strong volition " effect, raise a body already, happy heart, stimulative body and mental health, it is all one's life lay able-bodied constitutional foundation. With these purposes contrary project should be not chosen.

Child body takes exercise be about to get actual effect, must be practical and realistic, successive; Must wait for union of good natural ingredient photograph with hygiene, sunshine, air and water; Must sex of comply with interest, diversity, regular and " body and mind is united in wedlock " , " body spirit all is raised " wait for main demand; Still must master and control appropriate athletic bear (physiology respect bear and) of psychological respect bear, apply game law, competition law and proper exercise method to wait.

It is below 4, the content that the children of 6 years old before learning provides one part body to take exercise (project) , offer reference.

Infancy body and psychology are in phase of rapid development change, it is OK that the body takes exercise cent is the following kinds:

   One, the body of amusement exercises a project

This kind exercises a project to be able to make cheeper undertakes in relaxed, pleasant atmosphere the body takes exercise, the interest that exercises to health of promotional body and mind, education and edify sentiment have positive effect.

1. Copy natural disposition takes exercise

Cheeper likes to imitate all sorts of biologic posture very much, go, run, jump, fly, swim wait for a movement. Imitate leveret to jump for example, birdie flies, all sorts of movements of walk with the ball of penguin walk with the ball, leapfrog, elephant, monkey. These movements are OK group form practices, atmosphere is enthusiastic, the effect is much better. Preceptorial can offer the job only, do not set an example, after the infant thinks through brains, reoccupy body movement completes formulary exercise. This special be helpful for increasing interest, develop curious explore drive, conduce to development intelligence. This kind practices can be being done alone, also can combine other action to practice integratedly.
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