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Eye health care is held is myopic disaster source (2)
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And appear " prevent and cure more, myopia number is more " opinion on public affairs, as a result of,be " two be short of more than 1 " : Above all, lack matchs the professional of lens. Be in Shanghai, the optometrist that has record of formal schooling of university undergraduate course occupies 0.79 % only, the others is unripe, technical secondary school lays high school more. They lack medical training of the system generally, and most oculist does not have those who pass a system to inspect optical education again. Because this optometry forbids, improper matching lens. Next, lack the unified administration that myopia prevents and cure. Be in the United States, have the independent society that inspect light, the university still has visual college; And our country, no matter capital investment still is system, to inspecting light heavy visual range of health care is spent far as abroad. Finally, commercial hype is too fierce, if protect eye product to promote some to plant, propagandist children myopia is false sex more, the error that need not compound lens is academic.

Doubt 2: Of the point of main and collateral channels that eye health care grasps say to do not have scientific basis. "Although do not have scientific theory, clinical trial at present,the proof does eye health care to hold can prevent myopia really, but its benefit to the eye however clearly. " Gao Jiansheng of adviser of former dean of hospital of ophthalmology of academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science, doctoral student expresses, eye health care is held is a basis medical treatment of sports of union of theory of medical massage, main and collateral channels is comprehensive and become massage law. It passes the massage of point of main and collateral channels, improve circulation of eye ministry blood, make flesh of eye cilia shape gets relaxation. Teenage myopia is main as a result of insecurity of cilia shape flesh or convulsion, alleviated its exhaustion, eyesight nature gets ameliorative.

Doubt 3: It is acupuncture point diagnosis and treatment likewise, acupuncture has insert when forbidding acupuncture point, use 10 cutlet what is more,the rather that? "Make the point when holding accurate, strength whether appropriate, massage time whether assure, really the practical effect that cross-eye health care does has immediate effect. " but this muddle through one's work when because a lot of children do eye health care,basically be being held. Gao Jiansheng says: "I once let small grandchildren do eye health care after school do, as a result I look, point is far from exact. Although this holds effective fruit, but the pose is not accurate, also be no good likewise. " in addition, the sanitation that use an eye is very crucial also. When the health care that make a key point is held, contact an eye for long with feculent hand all round, can increase infection risk.

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