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Eye health care is held is myopic disaster source (1)
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"For revolution, protective eyesight, precaution is myopic, eye health care is held begin now... " accompanying familiar music and organ, 40 will take the place of for years the eye health care of acting according to legend is held, regard Chinese campus as the tradition of culture, had blended in the life of a few acting people, bore the weight of the memory of a few acting people. And on April 25, square boatman of brigade beautiful learned man is in however " Chinese youth signs up for " upcast gives speech -- only China is in on the world carry out eye health care to hold, and the myopic rate of Chinese student discharges the world however the 2nd!

Be " no use is talked " or " destruction is talked " , face such sound, children are confused, parents were afraid of, some parents run to ask educational bureau even, returned somebody to find eye health care to do the daughter of contriver, want to understanding eye health care is held and concern after all between myopia.

And more schools and teacher support wait-and-see attitude, they are very interrogative, inheritance the eye of a few generation did health care hold how to become disaster source at a draught?

   Many students collide eye health care is held

The reporter discovers in interview, continue to use long eye health care of 40 years is held, at present " prestige " really not quite good, not only the student does not wish to do, the school is supervised very hard also. According to on April 17 " legal evening paper " report, the investigation that 200 middle and primary school lay the area in door of a pair of Beijing ZhongGuanCun, rising sun, peace shows, about 100 people think eye health care holds myopic to preventing and cure action not quite. A 5 grade pupil expresses: "Doing eye health care to hold is flicker teacher and him actually! Close 5 minutes of eyes full, repeat as dry as a chip act, too provoking. Want be on duty for the day to be born to go only, I open an eye, the classmate that goes up with the edge talks. The classmate that goes up with the edge talks..

In the light of " eye health care holds no use to talk " , be born at " 80 hind " small Li Shui: "When elementary school, junior high school is being read previously, school plan does eye health care twice to hold everyday surely, I was done seriously however at that time, but now all the same myopic. Hear eye health care is held now use without giving thought to not only, hurt an eye possibly still, I believe quite, did not allow me to do eye health care to hold namely do. " and Beijing some elementary school the mother of 3 grade student appears very bemused, "Is eye health care held really trashy? Press forbid to you can hurt an eye? I do not know to should let the child continued to do now. I do not know to should let the child continued to do now..

The phase is more current the boycott of student, parent and bewilderment, miss Dong of 29 years old criterion cross-eye health care holds special yearning, "That paragraph of air that eye health care holds lets my remain fresh in one's memory up to now. Pass the repose of 5 minutes that close eye, massage point, I feel to hold out a canal to use, can let an eye loosen at least. Before streak, I still downloaded this paragraph of recording with MP3, read a book or use computer time long, do, the feeling is especially comfortable. The feeling is especially comfortable..
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