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Darling is long optimal motion
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The factor with influence person high body length is very much, although heredity holds very large proportion, but the height that is not or so hundred person. Concerned expert studies a proof, in a lot of factor that affects height, occupy hereditarily 33% , acquired motion is occupied 20% , nutrition is occupied 31% , the environment is occupied 16% .   

By skeletal growth development decides the height of human body. In the two end of long bone, have a kind of epiphysis cartilage that is in charge of skeleton to grow only. Minor when epiphysis cartilage is ceaseless and proliferous, skeleton grows ceaselessly; The hyperplasia after manhood stops, stature also grew no longer. Had not halted proliferation in epiphysis cartilage previously, often undertake proper physical training, conduce to hyperplasia of exciting epiphysis cartilaginous. Accordingly, to teenager children, physical training is the most active, promote effectively grow tall method.   

Additional, often attend physical training the blood of ameliorable human body circulates, enhance the body absorption to nutrition, the growth that increases bone cell ability; Mechanical power can promote the calcic qualitative precipitation in bone, make skeleton becomes brawny and solid. The investigation of medical expert and research show, often attend what the children of physical training takes exercise than attending to be the same as age children is average tall 4 ~ 8 centimeters. Scientist proposal, adolescent child moves everyday should not less than 1 hour.   

Will tell commonly, the most effective exercising a project is leap, ran, feel tall, free gymnastics, play basketball, dozen volleyball, swim, the motion such as skip and pull-up. Ran, bouncing, load motion, basically can rise to involve the effect that plays hyperplasia of cartilage of muscle and ligament, exciting epiphysis; Pull-up is OK drawing rachis, make rachis endeavors extend, the hyperplasia of stimulative rachis bone; When swimming, exert oneself to do sth. extend rachis, pedal places the flotage of the movement of the leg and water, very advantageous to the growth of rachis bone and limb bone.   

The movement with greater strength, if the force of the match or greater weight practices, the time interval that practices every time should be a bit longer, and exercise time always to should not be too long, lest cause excessive exhaustion; The project with small intensity, wait like slow pace, skip, exercise time to be able to be lengthened relatively, make muscle, joint and skeleton get be stimulatinged adequately.   

Notable is, the person's height still suffers endocrine effect. Accordingly, teenage motion do not excessive, lest affect Morpheus, disturbed endocrine. Additional, strengthening nutrition also is the important segment that makes body body length tall, strengthen take exercise while, must the material that the seasonable, sufficient complement that measure the land makes bone -- colloid with inorganic salt.
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