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Children takes heart of 8 kilometers strong fitness every week
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According to " American news and world report " reported a few days ago, expert proposal, taking the advantage of present good time, young father and mother should carry knapsack on the back, all round the city that looks after children to live in them, village weekly and pedestrian be on 8 kilometers left and right sides, oneself go search and be close to nature.

Luo Fu of expert of American children problem points out, nature does not point to field merely, still include the environment beside people. It can be a grove at alley, also can be a brook after the room. In biologist eye, these places perhaps not matter, but in children in the eye, this can be whole world.

Probably you there the swallow that does not have group, but can discover birdie is in however incubate, small insect also begins pop one's head in and look about; There is big woods green grass all round you probably again, that oneself plants a flower to raise grass on the balcony, the likelihood still can draw butterfly lightly.

Luo Fu emphasizes, the parent should the consciousness that aggrandizement lets child contact is natural. Because aloof nature brings about their attention very easily to be not centered, produce the body and mental disease, change the certain behaviour after manhood possibly even. Long-term research shows, do not go to a park or outdoor place and crime rate disease of city of fat, depressed etc concerns tall, children, and close nature can reduce attention to break harmonic and depressed symptom.

Actually, besides precautionary disease, much contact nature still can enhance self-confident heart of the child, increase their cognitive capacity. Luo Fu says, attend the child with outdoors much activity to be behaved in the exam normally much better, the capability that masters scientific knowledge is stronger also, can cooperate with the person more.