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Musical intelligence gives the child good temperament
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Musical intelligence, it is ability of the understanding to music, appreciation and the ability that write music or sing.

There is music constantly in the life, can the disposition of edify child, let him have main musical accomplishment. Each children can become Beethoven or perhaps not be Mozart certainly, but a person that likes music as a child, be brought up to have deep love for the life, temperament necessarily not common.

When education is pregnant from the mother, the music to the child can begin. The painstaking effort of musician of past dynasties of a few union and the classical music work with become beautiful melody, not only the musical accomplishment that can rear the child, among them air is very helpful to cerebrum development of the child and memory. In addition, still can make mood incline to of the child smooth.

When the child is playing game, the music that puts a few gentleness serves as setting, the child can let more dedicated in exert a subtle influence on, also can be in imperceptible his rhythm feeling since education come.

Also a lot of conduce to the sport that promotes child music intelligence, for example father mother clap one's hand takes a rhythm, let the child also try. This not only can rear the child copy move of ability, rhythm, also let him learn attention concentration, also can make parentage more close at the same time. If have a song,cry again " animal fine time " , father mother can put music at the same time, let the child follow music to imagine going out is what animal at the same time.

Some parental early begin to make the child formal learn musical instrument. A few musical instrument, for instance piano, because it needs hand eye to coordinate,cooperate with division of labour, to the child the intelligence of each respect is a very good training. But, the child attention of small age is centered not quite, prefer again play, as dry as a chip and drab musical instrument study is a painful process to them, possible meeting creates their cheesed mood. So, to 4 years old of children before, still had better let them play the game of a few concerned music, listen respectfully a few classical music, attend the musical class of mobile rich and colorful, education has their interest to music and interest. Such, in process of in the future musical instrument learning, the child just can have better investment.