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Learn to Bill Gates " bad child thinking "
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In American Washington the Xiyatu of the city spends Bill Gates' childhood, xi Yatu is American Boeing company base, close half the number of whole city worker works in this company, so people also calls Xiyatu Boeing city. It and san Francisco, los angeles labels the United States on the west one of 3 big doors of the coast.

Uncover secret: Male ∈ of Qian of discuss  じ bakes? is called bedlamite

In the Xiyatu of 60 time end, a flock of teen-age children are afternoon everyday outside lakefront middle school assemble, they are the students of this suburb private middle school. The cacique of this group of children is the student that has a different common. He is more more infatuate to the computer than all companions, in fact, classmates call him " computer bedlamite " . Biergaici of 13 years old is good at maths, like process designing all the more.

Perhaps Gates becomes too proud. Software is a kind of thing that can make him follow one's inclinations it seems that, for example, when he writes software of sort of student order of seats for lakefront middle school in CCubed, on the sly is added into a few instructions, make oneself become a class to go up almost exclusive all round sit full the schoolgirl's boy. In an account in one's own words as him the place when this paragraph of experience says: Hold Ju high to search reason of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of Shan of Ga of lung of evil spirit of heir of stitch the sole to the upper of amaranth of  of anxiety of saline Yi  to remorse Ye Mou basks in excuse me of チ of  of beanstalk of neodymium of ruthenium of  of Yi Ya of  of  of earnest of tan of Φ act  ! Piao of Kuang of planning take along sth to sb of moraine of those  million cuts collect of ┚ Shan aing shallow lake overgrown with wild plants to attack quite  of  of school of  of elder brother of Ω of graceful  of  of  of Qian   and know  attack Qian  steps on Shen of T of  low field to run quickly character attack Qian  low?time-sharingcomputersystem)- - the DEC computer that builds Ci place to be familiar with for example- - in, a lot of users use a machine at the same time. The buy inside the system a kind of safety protects establishment, in order to prevent the documentation that certain user invades other user or the moving that destroy an order. More important is, cannot let its destroy an operating system, otherwise if, the job of all of whole computer science department can be immersed in halt.

Gates becomes the expert of computer security very quickly, the not needing the slightest effort can enter interconnected system of all sorts of computer science department. He became a hacker. Alien is very difficult have visions of, this is growing the high school student of face of a pair of baby, need to be knocked on a terminal only give 14 letters, can make bow one's head of all of DEC computer science department weighs me. Gates begins to make various electronic practical jokes.
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