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Even child of how many pressure just ascends body elite
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Every parent hopes his child is outstanding, engrafted to the child as a child mode of a kind of life: University of key of middle school of key of key elementary school is white-collar = success life. Below this kind of mode, the child is bearing the heavy burden of the grow into useful timber as a child, childhood lost a lot of joy accordingly.

This is to one happens in Beijing to coach the orgnaization is communal on English class true one act: Because a little boy of 10 years old does not reply to give a problem to be criticized aloud by the teacher, on the spot wow wow cry greatly, this occasion lets attendant parent all without exception do it feel sad.

"Examine standard or mark and proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade to teacher and school now, a few teachers learn good student on attention class only, take most student seriously insufficient. Which parent also dare not loosen the child's study. " the parent of a pupil of Jinan city says to the reporter.

Educational expert thinks, current our educational mode is education of a kind of elite, it is a target in order to develop the best of its kind, but the best of its kind can be little part person only, time of the childhood that makes most student sacrifice happy, boy comes one case " accompany read " , it is unscientific. According to educational rule, learn to proofread the student's education, it is adult education above all, foster the eligible citizen with perfect, healthy intelligence, just be education of grow into useful timber next. Now the school to go after higher proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade, the education that abandoned a student developing in the round is good, adult education of the student becomes dispensable.

   Whether is the elite that we foster admitted by the society?

The expert thinks, exam achievement is good do not represent the life that has a success certainly, a lot of people that make outstanding contribution often are not the first in the school, they do not animal farm at textbook, have the courage to think dare do, this often is more important to individual grow into useful timber.

2006 Chinese division assist on annual meeting, the language in cause of award winner man goes physics of Nobel of foreign citizen of Chinese origin breathtaking: "The 20 centuries that I know and the physical scientist that 21 centuries take nobel prize are very much, the first is taken an examination of inside the school among them rarely. " this character, enough makes home numerous the parent stare tongue-tied that hope children will have a bright future. This is pair of our country " elite is taught " the strong biff of mode.

The expert thinks, gain ground as what the foundation teachs, the in a popular style of higher education, the development that pays close attention to every student should be the way that teachs evolution. Harmonious society construction cannot ignore the development of everybody, execute the ignore that elite is taught even if expands power to most student again.
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