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Father Yo, severity and warmth pay equal attention to
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On the problem that teachs the child, a lot of father are constrained at content of so called education and principle, make the impact with children " a state of extreme nervousness " . And oversight the most important a bit -- educational process is actual it is parents transfer affective process to children.

A father expresses: Be corrected at any time and place and teach the child, it is the obligation that makes father. His son of 15 years old says however: "I feel father had never liked me, in his eye, I am illness all over. " regard certainly child as only when a father a kind of responsibility, be afraid that people says he is endless duty when, with respect to the love that can lose pair of children and communication ability.

In most family, father is fond of the part that acts authority, make education becomes the issue of one's own wishful thinking, as the child grow, such authoritative meeting gets the child's challenge.

Psychologist thinks: Father should have above all share affective consciousness with the child, always cannot appear with preceptorial identity. In addition, educational child must have good affinity to make a base, the consequence of the relation is more than educational content.

Father and child build 3 opportunities of affinity

The first, also be best opportunity it is the child two years old later.

Father can resemble " be fed up with " a third party, enter a mother child in concern group. In the west, the child that lets two years old is had sleep alone the room already was the consensus that psychology of a kind of stimulative children grows, and Chinese child can sleep with the mother very big, the psychological problem of a lot of children is because of this generation.

The 2nd key period is when the child is 6 years old.

Father wants to take an active part in a family interact and build regularly, parents and child need form triangle of a kind of affection each other, ability makes domestic concern gets a balance, it is good to the child that father wants, must mix first wife feeling is strong.

The 3rd key period is the child's adolescence.

Compare with maternal photograph, father more the independence that be admitted easily and encourages the child.