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The inherent temperament of darling can change
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It is same obviously unripe to parents child, it is the twin that is born with time even, have completely different individual character however, why can you have such difference? Do not think the birthday character 8 that is Bobo, constellation or any of the twelve animals should not with you, probably, this is inherent temperament in cause trouble!

A lot of parents may have such doubt, why be same home obviously " factory " manufacturing child, pay the breeding way that forbids every child however? Differ somewhat because of the growing environment of around embryo no matter for the moment, sometimes along with is in the twin in abdomen, have different quickening kind, more the act in a way that defeats one's purpose distinct personality after putting forward to be born! Actually, because every Bobo has the day that differs severally to get angry to make character,this is like that.

  Is temperament belonged to inherent? Will decorate the day after tomorrow

So called " inherent temperament " , those who point to is the way of a kind of reaction with natural everybody, educational expert says, temperament is inherent heredity, the quickening state that conceives pregnancy oneself actually has reminded mammy, "This embryo belongs to a nature lively good move or the darling with gentle and quiet individual character " .

The expert explains further, although temperament is the reaction means that everybody comes down inherently to be stimulated to inside and outside, but still can modify these behaviour with acquired environment and education, turn extreme individual character to be worth among deflection.

Nevertheless, also can fasten a darling all behavior reaction regard as wait for in light of temperament, and oversight the true temperament that takes the child seriously. If only the baby with two big months, try to want to play the car before small bed with the foot, this belongs to motive, not be temperamental; does not pass, if be in such process, he spent how many effort to play a car, or he whether because kick,be less than a car and angry, fretted uneasiness, these behavior react ability is temperamental.

   In advance understanding? Let kiss child interactive rounder be in harmony

So, can be inherent temperament changed? In advance understanding, what help to have again to parents? The expert emphasizes, although temperamental expression can be accumulated through in the future experience of life, and build and amend self-confidently slowly, dan Reneng in advance understands the child's temperament, can reduce needless wrong experience, and parents also can have more good-tempered him regard the child's individual character, OK even be considerate replaces darling consider, hide one's wrongdoing and praise his good deeds, let kiss child interactive more satisfactory.

If pure a nature of temperamental attribute a fault to, make parents easily instead gutty sometimes " fatalistic " , the expert reminds, actually the temperament of the child's temperament and body of father female parent and breeding means have very big concern, if parental according to is different temperamental, make breeding way some of measurable adjustment and decorate, cooperate characteristic teach students in accordance of their aptitude, can let every child have individual moral quality idiosyncratic, can face towards perfect development.
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