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Letting darling feel is best teach early
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Hear music, watch animation, play a toy... to give baby good teach early, young father and mother can not spend time less. One studies to the result gave you again recently new teach way early: To the baby that 10 months control, "Experience is best teacher " .

Investigator discovery, compared with the thing that allows darling to see various of various colors, let him touch those things, close handgrip is done one time, the savvy that he works to others can rise a lot of.

This explains, to darling, feeling is mainer than observation growing experience.

In research, darling people be become 3 groups by cent, one group observes an object, one group touchs an object, whats are done. And additionally adult regards the object as tool, demonstrate before them. Result discovery, had felt the darling of the object to realize only, this object can be used to regard as tool -- compare with additionally two groups of photographs, the time that they see a tool is apparently long at seeing the time of common toy.

Nevertheless, a lot of parents do not touch a thing to darling, it is darling likes very much " sample " all sorts of toys, see whats fill in in past mouth. So with respect to the proposal, want to won't hurt the health of darling only, below clean and clean premise, give him darling the chance that start work as far as possible.