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Teach an attention early 3 big focal points: Sex of repeatability, consistency,
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Xia Hongyu emphasized teaching a course early in, the parent should note 3 big focal points. It is repeatability above all, the child often builds confidence in reduplicative movement. For example, 2~3 year old the child often can ask the parent repeats him to tell same story ceaselessly, and he can be in of the story in telling about, interrupt ceaselessly, than if what the story produced next,be being waited a moment.

This moment, patient of parent scarcely otherwise, because the child is in just about,the story built confidence in reduplicative process and expression comes out. Next, those who want an attention is consistency, the parent should hold to consistency in reduplicative process. Finally, want to notice sex of of the right age.

What the parent should notice is, in ego acknowledge phase, darling of not ambitious approach shares toy, article, if because the toy is reaved by other darling and darling cries, do not say:  is yellow ducking? plays to others had played, want to say however: Kang of excessive of  of shaddock of abstruse the tip of a twig and Jian of Yue of η of Ρ of the member that Bi Mo of  of be favored with of thunder of sulphur of murder of leech  slave-girl protects  Xue Lang is graceful virtuous? " darling does not cry, mom takes you to discuss recapture to had come with them together. " (origin: Guangzhou daily)