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"Teach heat early " why the market is superintended
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The city of many parenting " 80 hind " give a word for " axiom " , that is: "If be born the 3rd day to begin education from the child, already late two days. Already late two days..

Then, their be determined " cannot let the child be defeated to go up in the scratch line! Their be determined " cannot let the child be defeated to go up in the scratch line!!

Hurried of this kind of state of mind gives birth to a large number of infants inchoate education orgnaization. But, numerous parent is taking the child to go up all sorts of teach Ban Zhiyu early, must face " spend money like water " and " water of a mist " reality.

The personage inside a few course of study points out, this one domain is put in a lot of problem, superintend urgently.

   "80 hind " activation market

"Inchoate education " the concept introduces domestic while not to grow, a few special orgnaizations hold water or garrison home before long, and teach the market early " consume " brunt is " 80 hind " parents.

Li Na was born 1980, bore 2007. Begin from 4 months, li Na teachs a class early to darling newspaper, insist to attend a class twice every week, grandmother Ms. Liu that draws darling veileds criticism: "I never take you to had gone up what teachs a class early, also cannot see you stupid where goes. This is not to waste Qian Youshe to vacate the child already! This is not to waste Qian Youshe to vacate the child already!!

Li Na thinks however, the Yo of older generation ideal past the appointed time. The child is only " not stupid " insufficient still, must " cleverer " just go.

She says: "Breakfast develops intelligence, the child will be cleverer, a class 80 yuan, I feel to hold out be to one's profit. Get an exam into nursery school now, how can you let the child be defeated to go up in the scratch line? I hear of some child strong a baby's completion of its first month of life to go up to teach a class early, my home darling is already late. My home darling is already late..

"80 hind " the person that parents has this kind of idea is absent a few, think the child's competition only then at infantile period, go up to teach a class early " very necessary " , in be not old person mouth " satiate those who maintain " .

The president Wang Huaina of website of baby of a large mother values home to teach the market early foreground.

Wang Huaina says, "80 hind " becoming the protagonist that bear gradually. "80 hind " parental idea is new, be willing to part with or use is devoted, drove teach the market early rapid development. Home appeared of a few famouser gas teach an orgnaization early the brand, number signing up exceeds what teach a class early to bear the weight of force.

A market of Beijing seeks advice from the data of the company to show, beijing the city zone comes 0 years old 6 years old in children about 1/5 attend nursery school beyond teach a class early, 14 % attend 3 years old of the following children to teach a class early. According to statistic, beijing is existing often live 6 years old in population the following children about 650 thousand. With this computative, beijing teachs the market early to have about 130 thousand " consumer " . Inside countrywide limits, market scale is larger.
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