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Teach pair of intelligence quotient influences early to be more than heredity
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It is the main factor that affects child intelligence quotient hereditarily, but the action of family education also cannot be underestimated. Be in especially the growth phase of child cerebra, parental education, even if just play,play hide-and-seek wait for simple game, have the effect of development of stimulative child intelligence.

Does university psychology teach Yalabama Keleige? A of the person such as Lei Mi long-term research provided strong evidence to this. They divide the 4 months baby of a batch of impoverished families two groups: One group sends into educational center, there is a teacher to teach them to do over there game and sing; does not have inchoate education another group, provide enough nourishment to them only. To school age early days, the intelligence quotient of the first group of children is higher than the 2nd group 10, 20 minutes. When arriving 15 years old, the Chinese achievement of the first group of children and mathematical achievement all prep above the 2nd group.

Why can you have such difference? Lei Mi says, it is inchoate education promoted cerebrum growth.

There is cell of a few heads when the baby is born, call nerve yuan. Some nerve yuan be linked together with respect to each other before the child is born, adjust the basic physiology activity such as heartbeat, breath. The others nerve yuan will experience the ability after stimulation to be interlinked the day after tomorrow. When child development, nerve yuan those who form is protuberant the connection that is each other and direct physiology activity level road. For example, eye ministry nerve yuan protuberant extend to cerebrum vision coriaceous, but " interpreter " the place of the eye sees, and via other nerve yuan protuberant connection, the thing that commander person sees to place makes response. This kind experiences every to repeat, nerve yuan the connection between is strengthened and consolidate. Baby 0, when 2 years old, cerebral cell growth is rapid, nerve yuan contact leap. When arriving 2 years old, there already was many 300 connection between cerebral cell. In the meantime, not each other join, without use cerebral cell criterion by " deserted " .

If missed the opportunity that promotes growth of certain head cell the baby is 2 years old before, whether can you have intellective obstacle all one's life? Won't, build because of what cerebral cell contacts in whole children period very frequent, and much chance promotes it. Parents is in make the development with a children intellective to the child period, can have effect.