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Multilingual dreamland makes a baby cleverer
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Dimension of Er of Noah · a place of strategic importance lives in world of a multiligualism more: His father says English, his mom says Han Yu, his grandma and the tower that grandmother says guest of law of English He Fei respectively increase sign of road a group of things with common features.

Professor Patricia Kuer of Washington university is in the discovery after to Noah such child undertakes study, multilingual environment is right of the baby grow have a lot of profit.

The library devotes oneself to to study the baby learns the breathtaking process of the language all the time since Professor Er is long-term. Current, it is important that she is in one of the lab project, consider to learn the baby of several kinds of languages at the same time so like Noah namely.

In Noah mom cooperate actively to fall, researcher had a record to the cerebrum activity of Noah. Researcher wears an installation to have the hat of electrode to Noah, this kind of cap won't cause aching sensation, can hear in the baby similar " Ba " and " Da " of these compositive languages most when woof, the record leaves the electronic signal activity in their cerebra.

   New student can distinguish different language

Library Professor Er expresses, be in most in the begining, infantile cerebra resembles is a piece of white paper. She says: "New student can distinguish all languages. " however, grow when them when 6 months are big, most baby can be mixed from parents to oneself only heard voice repeats to make response over there someone else, and normally the circumstance issues what they hear to have a kind of language only.

So, if the baby is in the home or two kinds of languages are heard at the same time in similar test, can you appear again what circumstance? Study the result shows, the baby of the life falls in this kind of circumstance, can make response to two kinds of languages, and they are opposite these two kinds of response that the insitute of language makes come from the different area of cerebrum respectively.

Library Er explanation says: "Two different circuit produce in the meeting in infantile cerebra. Among them a mother tongue to them produces reaction, another produces reaction to the 2nd kind of language. Another produces reaction to the 2nd kind of language..

A lot of research make clear, the ability that from cerebrum an area changes to another area, can make infantile in some way has better performance, that is to say, multilingual environment can let them become cleverer.