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Undesirable on foot the pose affects cerebrum health
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Lower one's head, bow, outside character 8... the pose that these walking not only ugly, return the health that can affect brain.

In the world, gait trains the main task that is rehabilitation of cerebral ill patient, shaanxi Xi'an makes big college of medicine director of ill division of head of center of rehabilitation of the first accessary hospital Doctor Deng Jingyuan says, a lot of head ill patients pass effective training taking appearance, make cerebrum restored normal function, taking appearance correctly it is thus clear that is how important.

Doctor Deng says, look up on foot the gas of benefit of the ability that hold out a bosom at the whole body and cerebra hematic circumfluence, that is to say, look up when holding out a bosom to walk, it is the opportunity that allows cerebrum to get rest, the condition that this pose makes lower his head to work turns into " this world enrages litre of hair " look up condition, because lower his head to work,as it happens compensated a person, the tension that creates to cerebrum and gas blood stream are connected not free. The result that lowers his head to be caused on foot is in relief gas do not rise, affect the gas blood with normal cerebra to supply thereby.

When the person is walking, all over 8 arteries and veins follow 7 classics one case activity, and contain a bosom, bow on foot pose as it happens lets these passages through which vital energy circulates cannot get very good diastole, the body is couldn't get feed oxygen duely. In addition, this kind takes the rachis issue that appearance place creates, can reflex cerebrum, make no matter work or the person walks in volt case when, cerebrum is in nervous condition. This kind of diurnal insecurity that must not alleviate, cause cerebrum overfatigue, can affect nightly Morpheus.

Inside, outside of character 8 walk the pose also is such, character 8 walks outside in relief classics of be a hindrance to, make liver, lienal, kidney enrages hematic insecurity, blood stream not free, affect the supply of cerebrum blood, cause cerebrum blood circumfluence not free. Character 8 affects bravery, stomach and cystic main and collateral channels inside, and these main and collateral channels all are in of rachis all round, blood is enraged all round rachis not free, affect the loop of cerebrum blood euqally.

Of teenage the side neck that constant body reveals, inclined shoulder on foot the gas blood that the pose can affect arteries and veins of superintend and director moves cause gas blood not, in relief gas does not rise.

Doctor Deng suggests, correct walk undesirably pose, first from correct station appearance to be made. Can be in the home to big spectacles self-check. The person can not hold out a bosom to look up from forbidden area when look in the mirror. The intention when walking next maintains decorous pose, accomplish impartiality not inclined, not pitch.

The correct pose when walking should be, binocular smooth inspect ahead, the head is small hold high, neck integrity, go up before bosom is natural quite, the waist is erect, close alvine, coxal slightly backward dash forward, dot of exert oneself of the pedal after walking emphasizes particularly on in inside of Zhi foot joint.
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