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Growth of system of intelligence of brain of conduce of fine sexual excitement
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Rear the child, should apply scientificly religion, make potential is developed more.

  Provide proper information stimulation

Begin to be about to notice to communicate to it from infantile period. The science that comes according to nearly a few years considers to discover, there is cell of on 100 million heads in the person's cerebra, have 1/10 among them very active. Each active head cell has 20 thousand branch, these branch with tens of thousands of, join of cell of hundred thousands of head, pass information. And of the perception that these connective build hang on one's early years, motion take exercise, if smile to its, light tone delicate language, touch a hug, turn over boil climb, decorate a flaming one's own little world to wait for the child.

So, the scientist is advocated begin to give the child all sorts of fine sexual excitement from 0 years old, help cerebra all builds intellective system very as soon as possible.

It is when the child is 1 year old, with respect to the facial expression that should make the child much see all sorts of objects, appearance, size, let its discern; The child wants to smell all sorts of odour with smell when two years old, in order to spur the growth of olfactory cell; The child teachs to sample with the tongue when 3 years old all sorts of flavour, growth of exciting taste cell is waited a moment. Promote the growth of cell of child sense-center nerve so through vision, touch, smell and taste, to advancing the child's intelligence development can have favorable effect.

   With the language edificatory of figure

As the growth of the age, education child should enter the development of abstract thinking gradually from specific thinking in images.

When the child that teachs oneself, let the child convey a meaning with complete statement as far as possible, so that develop the perception of child antonym character early,force is mixed accept power. Be like " the pen is to use those who write " , "We drink milk everyday " , " have a meal should use a chopstick " etc, pass the speech of vivid, novel, figure, promote his understanding and memory, bud gives children figure associates, bring out into play to be imagined really by the day.

   Or so head is developed at the same time

Cerebrum cent of the person controls two shares, namely left half head and right half head, they have different function respectively. Right half head is in charge of treating rhythm, rotate, literature, image and illusion (thinking in images) . The child uses right brain rarely when study, fostering painterly ability, manual labor and sports training is development infant the optimal method of right brain intelligence.

Accordingly, want to use different key point, Zun Er, left hand, left base more, develop its function, promote the growth of right head. Do more a few by arrive simply complex, arrive to move actively by passivity; Should arouse an infant to be caught with the hand conciously, grasp, hold, throw, receive, pat reach run, jump wait for all sorts of motion, want to train the delicate act of its hands or feet especially, stimulative cerebella development and balance.
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