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The child lets learn English again after two years old
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Setting: Psychologist of British London university is newest undertook a research discovers: Children is used as a child bilingual, compare the children that uses onefold language, appear more easily before 5 years old impediment.

"The child learns English to had better begin later from two years old. " cheeper English teachs an expert, english of cheeper of center of development of children of Tsinghua university press, Tsinghua teachs grind central director Jiang Qiujun says, "Teach the child prematurely the foreign language, cause interference easily to mother tongue study of the child, bring about child occurrence language to convey an obstacle. Bring about child occurrence language to convey an obstacle..

Because learn English or language of other foreign country, make child occurrence impediment loses the case of language even, be engaged in cheeper English teaching Chairman Jiang Qiujun with old job to once also had been encountered, although very scarce, but let child learning prematurely with the parent truly foreign language and take curt education means is relevant.

The child from be born, it is the period with mother tongue the most crucial study. In these two years of time, the parent had better not undertake disturbing to the child with other language, it is a foreign language not only, the grandfather in some other peoples, grandma, grandmother, Lao as form of a address for an official or rich man, speaking different dialect, and often still change baby-sitter, word of Henan of period of time, word of Shandong of period of time... also can let the child be in study language process, be at a loss, suit hard.

Director Jiang Qiujun suggests, two years old before, teach the child with a kind of language as far as possible, had better be mandarin, let the child hit a copy kept as a record of good mother tongue, the study that waits for a foreign language to English so is very helpful also.

After the child learns English to had better listen first, say. Through listening, let the child develop a good language sense above all. In addition, at the beginning of linguistics reviews, interest is very main. Hear children's song or Tong Yao, do making game is very good study means, anyhow, below the suggestion of happy mood, the person's pallium just can undertake discriminating to information, ability remembers his easily.