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Food of 6 kinds of new groups harms the child
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Between the life, mom does not care to spend how many money for darling, it is good to want him to had eaten to drink only go. But often be the child that be very fond of because of these and killed oneself, some food already were a lot of parents place to know, but more returning did not cause take seriously.

   Acidity food and alone disease

Acidity food is not show alimental tastes, point to all sorts of flesh, egg and sweet however kind.

These food often are considered as tall nourishment by the parent. But they are acidity composition in the final metabolization child of human body, because this can make,blood shows acidity.

Food of overmuch edible acidity may bring about constitution of darling form acidification, it is normal to make participate in cerebrum the element such as development and the Potassium that maintain cerebrum physiology function, calcic, magnesium is used up in great quantities, cause thinking thereby disorder, make darling suffers from on alone disease.

   Lift wisely

Adjust 3 eat structure, reduce food of high protein, tall adipose, tall saccharide the scale in food, should raise the vegetable, fruit food that contains a lot ofbasic ingredient, make haemal acid-base value restores a balance afresh, conduce to alone disease rehabilitation.

   Essence of life is fed with myopia

A lot of parents often take side of energy of rice of essence of life to darling. Nutrient expert thinks, eat too careful food for a long time, meeting in the absense of the vitamin the absorb and affects baby neurological growth of B a group of things with common features, and the chromic element that because the loss is overmuch,still meets and influence eyesight development, it is the one big contributing factor of myopia.

Chromium is human body inside a kind important hormonal, can make the active of insulin drops when inadequacy, adjust the ability of blood sugar drops, the candy cent in causing food cannot metabolize normally and stop at blood in, the diopter change that causes an eye finally forms myopia.

   Lift wisely

Human body needs to be absorbed from inside food everyday 50 to 200 microgramme chromic element, and face of has machined choice of rice of essence of life already lost the chromium of 80% . Accordingly, answer to eat the coarse food grain of certain amount to darling appropriately, in order to assure the chromic element of full amount absorb.

   Coffee and short a disease

More caffein is contained in coffee, and coffeine but the skeletal development of block up children, often the drinkable coffee, baby that has coffee candy or coffee cookies, materiality is become short a danger of disease. The parent cannot undeserved reply a thing.

For this, make the child much drink plain boiled water or pure natural fruit juice, little contact or do not contact coffee.
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