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Yo food " optimal " do not miss
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What is feed optimal age, myopia of what age precaution is optimal, young father and mother pays close attention to problems of these children health care very. According to clinical practice, the expert put forward a few key period of children health care, young father and mother should hold well.

Feed is optimal the age

Many children contract the anorexia disease with different level, parents can'ts bear for this affliction, one of reasons ignored the feed that eats key period namely.

Alleged eat key period, specific it is the 4-7 after showing the child is born between the month. Be like here can reasonable add congee of fruit, vegetable, yoke, rice to wait complementary feed, to its appetitive develops with benign stimulation, criterion but nurturance eats a convention goodly.

   Prevent myopic and optimal age

Consider to make clear, 10-13 year old it is the fastigium that myopia forms.

Can begin to be on guard from the following respects: It is compensatory nutrition, outside removing protein, vitamin, the element such as calcium already was confirmed to be the indispensible material of eyeball development, liver of milk, bean products, animal, beef also is children indispensible food; 2 it is to be restricted candy, candy is acidity food, can consume the calcium inside body, cause myopia; 3 it is Morpheus enough, maintain consensual the functional balance with the parasympathetic nerve; 4 it is to take exercise more, blood of stimulative eye organization is supplied and metabolize.

  Strong and handsome tooth is optimal the age

Dental development depends on two phase, it is from fetal period 2 months arrive be born, this is deciduous teeth development period; 2 be from after birth, arrive 8 years old, the tooth that it is constant is formed period. These two phase should arrange bean products, grandma more kind, piscine shrimp and all sorts of vegetable, make sure the tooth is strong and solid, contract caries disease less. In addition, bask in sunshine more, diligent brush one's teeth gargle, correct have the undesirable habit such as finger, bite one's lips, also be the key with strong and handsome tooth.

   Prevent impediment optimal age

Children is oral the key of language development period it is 2-3 year old, 4-5 year old the conclusive phase that enters written language development. Impediment is in more 2-5 year old during happen, this one period is the optimal age of impediment of prevention and cure.

Measure has: The attention trains to the language of cheeper, in order to master more vocabularies, enhance expressive ability, parental itself should notice the language is conveyed, give oneself the child with correct study model.