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What does children winter eat?
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Winter is the season that collect, it is the season that accumulates force to need shoot, we ought to hold this good period, provide proper nourishment for children. The taste function with alimental alimentation perfect hang on, summertime air temperature is higher, make Cou sleave discharge, the grow in quantity of sweat fluid causes children to eat overmuch cold drink in the summer, children taste is puerile, cold drink injures lienal in relief gas extremely easily, taste is damaged, can appear a series of gastric bowel symptoms, appear dietary backwater the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen, anorexia, sallow and emaciated, diarrhoea. Bad news of criterion of with the passing of time hurts healthy atmosphere, as a result forms accumulating of infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites, because children digests ability extreme difference, the parent do not force them to take food, should clutch in winter take good care of sb.

Want to notice alimental heat preservation above all, accomplish appropriate delicate little fat, can eat an amount with what medicaments raises vegetable first when necessary, especially carotene and green are absorbed vegetably. But a lot of children cannot accept the flavor with unique carrot. We can use the end that changes cook method to take food in order to achieve. Can dumpling of carrot make it, steamed stuffed bun, pasty, do a fried dish to add a few small clove but take out a few strange flavour.

Increase outdoors activity to be able to exercise the physique of children and perseverance not only, and the illuminate that can increase ultraviolet ray, can make sure calcium is absorbed effectively character so, yi Kegen occupies the circumstance of doctor's advice and child oneself, add appropriately take some of calcic dose. According to statistic: May is the period with children height the rapiddest growth, to salute the advent of this one period, parents should notice child winter nutrition is laid in particularly, milk is the best origin with qualitative calcium. Kelp, sesame paste, soya bean, bean curd, agaric also should arrange within a week in cookbook.

Winter should prevent the popularity of armour liver, divide an attention outside individual sanitation, can increase bacterium alga alimental to absorb, if Xianggu mushroom, hedgehog hydnum, tremella reachs aquatic product, these material conduce to increase children strength, yi Po of overall to enhancing the body quality is beneficial.

Food does not want too careful, want to notice degree of finish is tie-in, absorb coarse food grain to reach all sorts of bean products, vegetable appropriately. These contain more prandial fiber in food, and food fiber cannot be underestimated to the influence of human body, it can adjust alimental is absorbed and excrete, maintain defecate unobstructed, this to increasing appetite, as soon as possible eduction toxin is very advantageous.
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