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How is winter children entered fill?
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Winter is the season with children higher incidence of a disease. Concerned data shows, vitamin of the lack inside winter children form is the one big inducement of sicken. If complement increases edible to contain the provision of vitamin A, can make disease incidence of a disease is reduced related children 75% . It has eye of prevention and cure not only the action of dry disease, nyctalopia, still can enhance strength at the same time, reduce the winter such as cold, chilblain the happening of common disease, frequently-occurring disease.

Say according to the expert, children answer in winter right amount eat some of incrustation kind food, mix like walnut, small walnut, chestnut pine nut benevolence, the action of head of beneficial Zhi Jian. The children of easy cold, cough, usable the root of remembranous milk vetch, lily, walnutmeat and sweet almond boils congee, have the effect of lung of filling gas increase; The children of anorexia, usable yam, rice boil congee, have be good at lienal appetizing action; Edible dove congee, dried has powerful body the action of be good at kidney; The liver of the animal, kidney and flesh kind, breast kind, fish, egg kind, plant sex food if carrot, tomato, yam, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, laver contain rich vitamin A. Of course, the simplest method is A of vitamin of profess to convinced. Bolus of glue of cod-liver oil, thick cod-liver oil, vitamin AD, thick vitamin AD glue bolus must be in next the doctor is directive use, lest exceed an amount,cause poisonous side effect. And healthy growth is good, contract acute disease have not heal or chronic are in the children of mobile level is unsuited into fill.