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6 big food promote darling immunity force
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1 water

What is the part with the most important human body? Not be the bone of hard rat-tat rat-tat, however soft water. Photograph of area of infant body watch is taller than growing up to weight, moisture evaporate comes loose prediction of a person's luck in a given year is much, need compensatory moisture more. Moisture is abundant, metabolism is exuberant, immune force nature rises.

2 yellow, green are vegetable

Every day 5 vegetables and fruits, it is the credo of adult food not merely, also suit to popularize child body to go up. Fiber can prevent constipation character, offer the absorption with alvine path good unobstructed environment. Candy of fruity fruit few helps bacterium of alvine path beneficial grow, resemble spreading an immunity carpet in small intestine large intestine general. If the child does not like vegetable, can its chop, mixture corn or flesh kind make it a round mass of food, dumpling or wonton, recipient.

3 stay of proceedings kind

Come 20 years recently, euramerican advocate with Japan eat mushroom more kind, because it can prevent the disease of riches and honour that reachs improvement to make much cardiovascular system, for example hypertensive, arteriosclerosis. Stay of proceedings kind still can enhance immune power, precaution reachs antagonism cancer, still contain rich vitamin B group, can Shu sees pressure, bring good intention feeling.

4 unpolished rice, Yi benevolence

Five corn are human staple food, when the baby adds deputy provision, what want a trial above all is ground rice, flour. After breaking breast, replacing food also is corn. Complete corn contains plumule and much carbohydrate, vitamin B and E are rich, these antioxidant can enhance immune power, strengthen the function of immune cell.

5 tomatoes

The tomato can say is energy food, contain a variety of fighting to oxidize powerful effect factor, be like C of tomato red element, carotene, vitamin and E, can protect vision, protective cell does not suffer harm, still can repair the cell that has been damaged. Eat a tomato raw or a little it is good that boil is boiled, add a few olive oil, red element of can deliquescent more tomato, the effect is much better.

6 actor cheese breeds

The infant is worth the body rapid growth and cranial nerve development period, qualitative to protein and calcium demand is quite high. Breed so kind of goods for the infant period first-rate nutrition origin. In actorring or actress cheese breast is dairy produce, can nutrition of give attention to two or morethings and the drink that improve alvine path environment, fit the need of children period very much, cheeper should arrive just can drink after a year old completely.


If want to promote the immunity of darling force, what reject to eat tall oil, high in syrup to darling please is delicate change treatment provision. Eat natural food more, eat more contain a lot ofvitaminic with mineral vegetable, fruit, in addition, do not let baby partiality for a particular kind of food and bring about malnourished.
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