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Winter children takes piscine advantage much (add 6 fish diet)
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Because of the DHA that fish place contains, they basically are to be put in cerebral ministry, retina and nerve inside human body. DHA tenability retina is normal function, the baby needs this to grow especially portion, ;DHA of stimulative eyesight sound development also reachs intelligent development to have huge help to person head development, also be neurological grow to raise a share indispensably.

Introduce a few delicate darling to have piscine recipe below.

   Piscine mud

This mud contains a lot ofnot protein, saturated fatty acid and vitamin salt, the baby often is fed, can promote growth, able-bodied body. Appropriate the infantile edible of 5 months above.

[raw material]

Clean cruelly oppress 50 grams, white sugar, refined salt each a few.

[make a way]

1, in putting the fish that clears away clean boiled water, piscine skin shucks after boiling, after eliminate fishbone is pricked cruelly oppress bruise, rise with clean cloth package next, crowded go moisture.

2, put fish and meat bowl inside, join divide evenly of agitate of white sugar, refined salt, rejoin 100 grams boiled water, till boil cruelly oppress soft become namely.

3, the attention makes raw material with fresh fish, must remove fish bone clean, cruelly oppress should be boiled sodden.


Soft sodden, flavour delicacy.

   Piscine beef cattle suckles congee

[raw material] fish sperm flesh- - 1/6 piece, milk- - 1 big spoon, salt- - a certain number of

[make a way]

1, carry cruelly oppress pick up is clean, stew ripe and dolly.

2, put fish and meat in pannikin to add milk to boil, salt is added to flavor later.

  Congee of vegetable cruelly oppress

[raw material]

Fish sperm flesh- - 30 grams, carrot- - 1/5, kelp clear soup- - 1/2 cup, turnip- - 20 grams, soy- - a certain number of, rice- - 1/4 bowl

[make a way]

1, fishbone get rid of clean, cruelly oppress is stewed ripe and dolly.

2, had brushed turnip, carrot with rasp.

3, wait for clear soup of rice, kelp and cruelly oppress, vegetable boil together inside boiler.

4, boil to ropy when put soy to flavor.

  Congee of piscine dried meat floss

This congee contains a lot ofhigh grade protein, carbohydrate and calcium, phosphor, iron and vitamin to wait, it is the good origin with compensatory protein and qualitative calcium. Appropriate 7-8 infantile edible of the month.

[raw material]

Rice 50 grams, cruelly oppress is loose 30 grams, spinach 20 grams, refined salt a few, clear water is right amount.

[make a way]

1, rice pan clean, put bowl inside, boil with flourishing fire into clear water, change low baking temperature to boil to ropy when, stand-by.
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