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Light color of prep above of brunet and vegetable nutrition is vegetable
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South the forefinger of Chinese dweller board in newest version in, chinese nutrition society is special recommended brunet vegetable: The vegetable that eats everyday in adult 300 grams - in 500 grams, best and brunet vegetable takes an in part about. Generally speaking, in vegetable, brunet good Yu Jian is lubricious, dish of melon of prep above of dish of rootstock of prep above of foliaceous ministry nutrition, leaf. Brunet vegetable is to point to the vegetable such as bottle green, gules, tangerine, amaranth, they contain a lot ofcarrot to all alone especially β - carotene, it is the main source of A of Chinese dweller vitamin.

According to nutriment analysis, brunet vegetable for instance chili, spinach, vitamin content should compare light color vegetable a lot of taller. Raise the data of investigation according to countrywide battalion, before 15 consumption is most brunet vegetable and vegetable of before 15 light color are compared, tower above of vitamin C content one times, eating brunet vegetable so basically is to assure vitamin, prandial fiber, especially water-solubility fiber achieves human body place to need nutrition.

In addition, brunet vegetable still is contained other a variety of pigment material, wait like red element of chlorophyll, lutein, tomato, cyanine element, and among them balmy material, gift vegetable and special colour, gust and aroma, have appetitive effect, present a few special physiology active.

For instance, it is wild cabbage of the mustard family likewise kind vegetable, on the west the Chinese cabbage of tower above of vitamin C content of orchid is spent 20% the left and right sides, carotene is white cauliflower 30 multiple, folic acid content is 2 times of cauliflower whiter. Additional, the moisture content that every 100 Ke Xilan flowers contain is spent less at Chinese cabbage slightly, but the content of protein, carbohydrate Chinese cabbage of summary prep above is beautiful.

In addition, same the different position nutrition of kind of vegetable also is widely divergent. Generally speaking, the vitamin content of foliaceous ministry is common ministry of prep above rootstock, compare tower above of ministry of corresponding bine root like tassel of asparagus lettuce leaf, celery leaf, turnip multiple. Nutrient value of Xie Cai is average dish of prep above melon. Root dish kind vegetable and prandial fiber relatively Xie Cai is low. Vegetable of the mustard family is like wild cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage to wait, contain phytochemistry material to be like ester of cyanic acid of sulfur of balmy sex different, it is main curb cancer ingredient. Bacterium alga is like Xianggu mushroom, agaric, yeast and laver to wait, contain protein, polysaccharide, carotene, iron, zinc and Selenium to wait mineral.

Common bottle green is vegetable: Leaf of cold food of spinach, cole, winter, celery, water spinach (hollow dish) , asparagus lettuce leaf, mustard, on the west tassel of dish of orchid, West, shallot, crowndaisy chrysanthemum, leek, turnip.
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