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Child food is not " eat much nutrition more "
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A findings report that city the Women's Federation published a few days ago shows, bad food habit is perplexing a lot of families, a lot of parents and child lack the basic common sense of scientific food, the parent of 68.2% expresses concern to this.

Be not " eat much nutrition more "

City the Women's Federation was born to middle and primary school of many 4000 Shanghai a few days ago made sampling investigation, the result shows: To teenager A-certificate edible the witting rate of the knowledge such as what food is only 10% ; To feeding the precaution of source sex disease, transmission the witting rate of the knowledge such as the way is only 50% .

The investigation of student of above of half the number notchs all under 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, relevant investigation still shows: In 1 year old of Shanghai children that come 6 years old, 39. 7% existence are carried feed a habit; In 5 years old of children that come 6 years old, have raise the scale that feeds a habit taller, occupy about 50% .

Not only adolescent is right " what to eat, how much to eat, how to eat " lack basic common sense, a lot of parents also are put in the error euqally. Some favores vegetable of particularly huge melon and fruit, some often buys food without card faker in street, some is entered blindly even for the child fill. Should become children originally " feed Yo " the parent of teacher of the first to be appointed to an office, often do not know scientific food because of oneself, and the negative effect that causes exert a subtle influence on to the child.

Many parents think the child " eat much nutrition more, love eats what to eat what " , regard bad food habit of the child as even show off " capital " , praise before relatives and friends " a meal can have the child 6 big chop " . And a few parents had had more to let the child eat, use an edge to see TV edge have a meal even, the edge has a meal to toy edge, the edge drinks beverage edge to have a meal etc " revulsive " method. Findings shows, when the children of more than 70% has a meal " half-hearted " , half the number should wander everywhere.

Unreasonable food is easy " prematurely senile "

Unreasonable food and habits and customs, bring about a few in senile disease appears increasingly on teenage body.

Data of a statistic displays quote of city the Women's Federation, in the children before our country school age " prematurely senile " the phenomenon is apparent with each passing day, diabetic sicken rate is children 2. 3% , unusual rate is hematic fat 2. 2% , hypertensive sicken rate is as high as 7% unexpectedly. A lot of " brains height develops " the child however have little physical strength, hospital of haunt of weak and sick even, classics sees a doctor. Office of council of job of city woman children entrusts the research that relevant section begins to still show, 5 years Shanghai children overweights and fat rate rises rapid.
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