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Children diet has applied the bean sprouts of chemical fertilizer
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When pedlar of a few individual farmers is giving birth to hair bean sprouts, the growth to quicken bean sprouts speed, often be in bean sprouts employ a few chemical fertilizer. Be being done so actually is very bad. Although chemical fertilizer can make bean sprouts grow brawnily, accelerate grow speed, but the quality of bean sprouts dish however addle, taste the fragile tender delicious flavour with due lack, produce malign stimulation to the person's appetite. Especially a few chemical fertilizer, if ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate, urea is to contain azotic apperception to close matter, these nitrogen kind fertilizer falls in bacterial action, can transform inferior saltpetre amine, make bean sprouts is polluted. And the growth period of bean sprouts short, chemical component has not been eliminated, by edible, endanger easily to healthy generation of the person. Inferior saltpetre amine is a kind of material that causes cancer by force can make the person gets cancer of cancer of the stomach, esophagus, cancer of the liver. Accordingly, always look brawny flood, bad colour, and contain bean sprouts of olfactory of ammoniac foul smell, be unripe hair of employ chemical fertilizer mostly, so, do not want edible dish of this kind of bean sprouts, especially children, it is sensitive to all sorts of chemical component, should the bean sprouts that diet has applied chemical fertilizer this kind, lest cause the undesirable effect to the body.