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The child does not have breakfast to suffer from anaemia easily
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Setting: According to " news morning paper " report, shanghai gives birth to special findings to show to 2000 middle and primary school, have anaemic student, 71% it is not to have breakfast be caused by; In the student that does not have breakfast, half left and right sides is hidebound.

The child that does not have breakfast, consequence is very serious. Besides because the meeting is short of candy little oxygen to cause cerebral cell " power cut " , fat, stomach trouble, gall-stone and hidebound outside, still may cause child anemia.

The child school work nowadays is too serious, sleep so that bring about late to bilk a bed in the morning, under the haste after rising, breakfast or does not eat, or catchs cake of a flat bread deep-fried twisted dough sticks, biscuit to deal with casually finish sth. Capital grind Professor Wu Guangchi points out doctor of expert of place children nutrition, chairman, to breakfast, do not eat, perhaps won't eat to cause child anemia easily.

In the breakfast of a lot of people, ferreous food is less. Professor Wu expresses, generally speaking, the iron that contains in common milk is not as much as recipe grandma, the iron that contains in vegetable is inferior to the flesh kind food is much, and in the flesh kind in food, red meat (pork, hotpot) compare plain boiled pork again (fish, chicken) contain iron to want much, and absorb more easily.

He suggests, the sort of daily breakfast food should by flesh of birds of fruit of corn, greengrocery, water, cultivate kind, piscine shrimp kind, egg kind, grandma kind reach milk products, legume and bean products, grease kind wait for composition. That is to say, a few an an a cup of grandma, biscuit, egg, banger add breakfast again a few earthnut or green vegetables fruit, nutrition is sufficient. Among them, the egg has the effect very much to preventing anaemia.

Besides anaemia, do not have breakfast more immediate consequence is to make child grade poor. "Brain function depends on greatly what do you eat in the morning. " the process that breakfast waits to charge then to cerebrum, hungry abdomen attends class attention can be not centered, unresponsive, cognitive ability difference.