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Why children avoid eats unripe carrot
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Carrot has yellow, red two kinds, be full of nutrition, contain rich vitamin A former- - carotene. Vitamin A has the normal structure that keeps epithelial tissue, direct stimulative human body grows the action of development. Many children, especially rural child likes to eat carrot raw, parents of a few cities also eats carrot raw to the child, think to eat carrot raw to have nutrition. Actually, rather. Eat carrot raw meeting loss 90% right-and-left carotene. Because carotene dissolves only,be absorbed by human body in the ability in grease, turn into in small intestine mucous membrane or liver vitamin A. To avoid waste, the vitamin A in making children true absorb carrot former, some of oil should be put more when carrot cook or stew together with the flesh.

The mustard family such as the turnip is vegetable, after be being photographed to feed, can produce the material of salt of a kind of cyanic acid calling sulfur quickly, very fast metabolization produces a kind of material that fights thyroid element- - sulfur cyanic acid. Right now, if human body absorbs the fruit that contains many plant pigment at the same time, wait like orange, pear, apple, grape, kind of yellow ketone material in these fruits be decomposed by the bacterium in alvine path, can benzoic acid of translate into hydroxide and asafoetida acid. They can strengthen sulfur cyanic acid to admire the function that controls thyroid element, be caused thereby or bring about strumous. The child is very small age, have to big neck is ill, this is very dread, because this is right for the child, turnip and orange must not be fed together, mutual between the span when edible had better be in 2 hours of above.