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You ask I answer
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  Purpose: Let cheeper practice the means that interlocution speaks, training cheeper thinking is nimble, help cheeper reviews the color of all sorts of pair of things, appearance, characteristic understanding.

  Play a way: Two people are opposite, one asking and the other answering, someone else is surrounded sit when judge member, answer sb's question continuously 10 problems have reward.
If ask: What is white? Answer: Bai Jieke of grey of big snow-white, white Yun Bai, cotton, leveret;
Ask: What is red? Answer: The sun red, red flag rosy, tomato is red, red all but;
Ask: What is round? Answer: The steamed bread is circle of rubber ball circle, moon circle, sesame seed cake, round all but.
The query should notice to choose a few things of bring into contact with of child life middling, still can ask: What is hard, what is soft, what can cry, what can jump, what does meeting sky fly to, what can swim in water, what takes a shelter on the tree, what is subterranean dibble, what is the brightest, what is the blackest. . . . . . Etc.

Answered sb's question, child clap one's hand expresses to pass, answer incorrect can raise rhetorical question, discuss jointly. Answer sb's question of 10 problems, reward small safflower.

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