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Platoon castle
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  1 , purpose: Deepen right " several " understanding.

   2, preparation: Castle and chessboard (it is OK also that he draw check with paper)

  3, play a way:
Mu Zixiang sits to chessboard, predetermination decides the color of each one castle, beginning game. The signal since provision at the beginning, maternal black child the castle oneself line, when the mother says " stop " when, suspend the action on the hand, next who does reoccupy eye see be discharged morer (it is better to if can be counted,come out) . Before number, the mother mights as well say intentionally: "Be like Xiaoming many a little bit " .

After the piece that counts oneself, also also want (with the match when same) receive piece. After the child knows the essentials of this game, can be competition change 2 or 3.

   4, clew:
When the child is beginning to play, meet occasionally for the platoon a bit faster, and fail to put piece in grid, since be to just began to play, need not set so too strict.