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Little hand disappeared
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  Purpose: Focus cheeper attention, prepare to attend class, suit 3 - individual or 4 years old of nursery school are collective undertake.

   Play a way: The frontier says ballad edge makes a motion, ballad is as follows:
"Little hand little hand is patted, little hand little hand is grasped, little hand little hand climbs, little hand little hand disappeared. " the teacher can write an act by the word, respecting last when can put both hands to back, receive go down to be able to attend class.

   The movement is referenced: The clap when saying the first, when saying the 2nd, double arm is bent partly in the left and right sides two side make the motion that grasp a fist 4 times, the both hands when saying the 3rd from begin to do before the bosom climb movement, extend top part to both hands all the time till, two right-hand seats are taken first when saying the 4th, put back again.

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