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Suit the little game that cheeper plays
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1, mom Fu Baobao stands still, father is in 3, the place with 4 far paces takes toy tease baby, encourage darling to go by independently. Can exercise independence to walk.

2, the child on the stair with not quite tall choice, ascend wearing is mounted, climb down comes. Can exercise limb, the movement of stimulative hands or feet and whole body is harmonious.

3, some of soya bean is put in the bowl or green (red) beans, teach darling can the beans since take everything into one's own hands, loosen the hand next, beans letting a beans from point to seam li of leakage to drop a bowl in. Can the edge catchs an edge to say: "Soya bean gram, ate long meat. "When playing, should notice to cannot let darling put bean into the mouth, in case choke air inlet duct. The muscle that can train darling hand moves.

4, let darling both hands be being helped up appropriate the car of his height, you are taking a toy in front, attract darling go-cart to go forth, should push you before when, put the toy in the car, can continue go-cart is forward, the edge walks along an edge to put a toy. The capacity that can expand.

5, darling and you stand face-to-face, tell darling to say " decrescent when you crouch when " , say " is long stand high when " , the frontier says the edge sets an example. Next " decrescent " teaching darling crouchs, say " is grown? "Teach darling to stand, can play repeatedly. Can take exercise to the movement is coordinated and react speed.

6, pick the ball that suits darling to play, teach darling not to help thing, overhand up to throw the ball forcibly piece, but two people play. Can practice forward cast movements.

7, preparation makes an appointment with 10-15 centimeter high stool or chair, fu Baobao is ascended, next the hand that both hands is playing darling, teach darling double foot to jump down from altitude. After waiting for the child to jump adroitly, can let go let him child uprise jumps down, raise height gradually. Can exercise balance feeling and bouncing movement.

8, the string that puts a color on the ground or young toy, also can delimit on the ground a circle, let darling from above cross the past. Or in succession has crossed a few objects. Can practice crossing fraise.

9, teach darling two tactics to hold a ball in arms, double arm unbend, had held high the ball the top of head, concede points boils from neck hind. Next, side child looks for a ball or let him child look for a ball. Can play repeatedly. Can train the ability of muscle motion and ball of both hands control.

10, prepare a wide 35-40 centimeter, grow a meter of right-and-left plank, block up of one aspect of the matter makes an appointment with brae of 10 centimeters of make it, or the natural brae outside benefit user. In the begining you can help darling up to be on brae with a hand, after waiting for darling to go firm, can encourage darling not outside force of have the aid of walks along brae alone. Can take exercise to limb is coordinated and balance ability.
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