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I am tumbler
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1) drive the tumbler that putting on the desk, the edge pushs an edge to read aloud children's song: "Tumbler, old man do not fall, push, shake, push ah push ah push do not fall. "Be opposite next say: "Darling will learn tumbler, mom will push you. "In the meantime, mom handholding two tactics, drive to around gently. Relapse several times, make understand the significance that drive, the rhythm that cooperates children's song has the action that urges to around.

2) back wall or ambry stand firm, mom says: "Little baby, the station stands still, push ah push, push do not fall. "The edge reads aloud children's song edge to use a hand to be pushed from left rightward, make his overbalance, hold off with another hand at the same time, make he does not fall, and gradually restoration stops. Reoccupy hand from right side direction left drive, undertake repeatedly, the edge does an edge to read aloud children's song, ceaseless and complimentary: "Resemble tumbler really, stand so that push firmly again not to fall. "Praise and be encouraged, be willing to repeat play.

   Method: And when playing the game that drives to the left and right sides, begin to want jog, make his body poises easily, accentuate gradually after adroitness thrust. But the adult should use arm protection by from beginning to end, lest drop Jiao.