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The beans is taken in water
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Cheng Man water is added in the bowl of a few soya bean, fabaceous float is on surface, father and children put a small bowl and tablespoon before everybody, mom becomes umpire. When game, mom issues word of command, requirement children takes a beans from inside water with spoon, arrive from 1 3 beanses, the demand that can press countersign completely takes out correct numerary to be conqueror.


① the interest to raise sport, father makes mistake intentionally sometimes, make children wins a victory, let game play more actively.

② is in daily life, a lot of respects can let children practice applying objective to come count. If dine when, let children be 3 place 3 bowls, 3 pairs of chopsticks, perhaps divide fruit, candied, biscuit, the number that orders a toy, in order to consolidate children is opposite 1 -- the concept of 3 number.