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Doll game, let be shut oneself institutional communication
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When 2 years old, yang Yang (alias) still won't call father mom, he what act independently is very few person of pay attention to, as if in the world that lives in a person, play rise to always also repeat drab act, have a bit not satisfactory with respect to roughhouse. Yang Yang of 9 years old reads the expression that does not know the feeling on person face even nowadays, he suffers from went up to shut disease oneself.

The condition that treats Yang of Yang of basis of extensive region of division king annals designed expressional doll game for him. Smile, yock, sadness, cry, depressed, indignant... from arrive simply complex, the doll fund fund of all sorts of expression comes on the stage, the show attributes the story of themselves. At first, yang Yang Lian Qiao also not look, but slowly he begins to listen, look, smile or frown also appeared slightly on the face. In game, he learned to understand expression, open heart door leaf gradually, with outside communication. The 2nd game that Yang Yang makes is pronunciation exercise. He learns to treat division mouth " bend so as to breakstubborn " into all sorts of appearance, give out exaggerated sound. Now, yang Yang is practicing making the 3rd game: The life that plans oneself one day. Parents discovers surprizingly, the son has begun to apiration and person undertake communicatinged.

Wang Zhihuan expresses, such child of Yang resembling Yang is not little, some hands eye coordinates difficult child to take the toy that he likes to cannot do repeatedly, remedial division is about from most auxiliary training begins fundamental action, undertake training in behavioral game. Game is the gate of understand child psychology, with children the most natural communication form, enter experience world of the child, pass through game, the child feels safe more, do not want defence more, and the opinion that can express him more in game when the child, the communication of he and experience world is properer.